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can you buy finasteride in the uk CURRENT  purchase proscar RESEARCH AND PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS

2016 – Current Researcher and Deputy Director of the Swedish House of Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics

2016 – Current  Board member Swedish Pensions Agency (Pensionsmyndigheten)

2011 – Current  Visiting Scholar, Consumer Finance Institute, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia


2010 Ph.D in Economics, Stockholm University

2002 MA in Economics, University of Amsterdam


2016 – 2017  Researcher, Research Department Sveriges Riksbank, Sweden

2016 Consultant for the parliamentary investigation, Dir 2015:43: “A more Responsible Consumer Credit Market”, Sweden

2014 – 2015  Member SNS Economic Policy Council 2015: “The Swedish Debt”, “Svenska Skulden”, Sweden  Konjunkturradet 2015.

2014  Researcher, Research Department Sveriges Riksbank, Sweden

2011 – 2017  Researcher (‘forskare’), SOFI, Stockholm University

2008 – 2009  Academic year, Visiting Ph.D student, Research Department Sveriges Riksbank, Sweden

2008  Spring semester, Visiting Ph.D student, Research Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

2003 – 2004  Academic year, Research Assistant, Professor Eskil Wadensjö, Stockholm University, Sweden

2000 – 2002 Policy Advisor, Directorate for Foreign Economic Affairs; Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Hague, Netherlands.

2000 Co-coordinator of Microcredit Project, AFET, the Gambia.

1999 – 2000 Assistant of CEO, Chris Devries; Citibank Netherlands, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

1999 Volunteer in Education project for young women in the slum;  ENDA Tiers Monde, Dakar, Senegal.

1998 -1999  Research assistant, Research Department; De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


GRANTS: 2016 Research grant, VINNOVA, for our project ” Sustainable Consumption and Behavioral Finance, SEK 2.2 million. 2015, Research grant, VINNOVA, for our project: “Behavioral Drivers of Debt and Default”.  SEK 3 million 2014, Preparation grant,  VINNOVA, for our project “The Influence of Credit Information on Firms Debt and Default”. SEK 200 thousand. 2012, Research grant, The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation & The Russel Sage Foundation,  “Smart Disclosure Research and Demonstration Design”, USD 5 thousand 2012,  Research grant, Vinnova, for our project: “The Influence of Information, Competition and Cognitive Abilities on Consumers Credit Decisions”, SEK 3 million 2011, Attendance grant, NBER Household Finance Working group. 2011, Research grant, FORTE, “The impact of Financial Integration for the wellbeing of Immigrants in Sweden”, 3,2 million 2008, Scholarship, Filene Research Institute; Credit Union, Madison, USA, USD 2006-2009, Scholarship; Bankforskningsinstitutet, Sweden. approx SEK 1,6 million

AWARDS: 2017 Hans Dalborg award for my research within Household Finance: 200 TSEK. 2002 Awarded winner of the interdepartmental competition to write a five-year policy Design. Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Hague, the Netherlands 2001 Awarded winner within the „Government Games‟, among 126 participants,Economic simulation with a general equilibrium macro model. Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Hague, Netherlands


2017 Spring Semester, Lecturer, MA Behavioural Finance. ME2019, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology.

2013-2015 Fall Semesters, Guest Lecturer, Household Finance for the course 4307, Banking and Financial Intermediation, Stockholm School of Economics

2004 Spring semester, Lecturer, Economics 101, Sveriges Riksbank, Stockholm, Sweden.


2018, AEA (scheduled) 2017, EFA, FCA Behavioural Economic research Unit. 2016, EFA, WFA*, ITAM, CEPR Household Finance event, London, Adam Smith workshop, Oxford*: Tinbergen, Amsterdam University, NBER Corporate Finance*, AEA annual meetings, AFA annual meetings 2015, NBER corporate finance summer institute, summer institute*Philadelphia FED; Bank of Spain;  Stockholm University Business School; Swedish House of Finance, Sveriges Rksbank, 2014, AEA annual meetings; 2013 European Household Finance conference, Einaudi, Rome; SIFR Seminar series. 2012, FDIC annual Research Symposium. 2011, AEA annual meetingsPhiladelphia FEDRecent Developments in Consumer Credit and Payments; Nederlandsche Bank.


2017, EFA, Mannheim 2016, CEPR Household Finance Meeting HEC Paris; EFA, Oslo;  “Credit Markets After the Crisis”, Stockholm 2015 EFA, Vienna 2014 EFA Lugano; Household Finance conference, Oslo.


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