Bio CV

Marieke Bos is a researcher and deputy director at the Swedish House of Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics. She also holds a visiting scholar position at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Consumer Finance Institute. Marieke has been a board member of the Swedish Pensions Agency (pensionsmyndigheten) and a visiting scholar at the Central Bank of Sweden. Furthermore,  she has worked as a consultant for the Swedish and UK (FSA) government on consumer protection and consumer credit card repayments. Marieke has won the 2017 Hans Dalborg award for excellence in Financial Economics research worth SEK 200,000. She also obtained research grants from the Swedish Innovation agency (VINNOVA), NBER, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Russel Sage Foundation, the Swedish Bank Research Foundation and the Filene Research Institute.

Marieke’s research focuses mainly on individuals decision making within the field of Household Finance and Empirical Banking.

Marieke is a member of AFFECT , a committee of the American Finance Association, to promote the advancement of women academics in the field of finance.


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