1. December 2020, National Swedish Newspaper: Dagens Industry, interviewed me for an article-about-the-swedish-market-for-consumption-loans.
  2. November 2020, Our article: ADHD, financial distress, and suicide in adulthood: a population study.” published in Science advances 6.40: e1551-e1551. was picked up by 9 news outlets
  3. June, 2018. Swedish FSA, A commentary and panel discussion on the report ”Consumption Credit in Sweden” by the FSA (finansinspektionen Listen to the seminar, panel and discussion ( here
  4. Dec, 2017. The Expert Group on Public Economics (ESO) a committee attached to the Ministry of Finance. A commentary and panel discussion on the report on a more equal division of pension right within the household titled: ”2017:6 Makar som delar på kakan” by Jenny Säve-Söderbergh.  Listen to the seminar, panel and discussions. & download the report and my slides (here)
  5. Oct, 2017. Swedish Radio, Sveriges Radio: EKOT, an interview with a commentary on new actors in the Swedish mortgage market. Listen to the  radio program (here)
  6. Dec, 2015, National Newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, Press release, Board membership Swedish Pensions Agency. Read the article here
  7. May, 2015, National Newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet. A commentary on the government proposal to introduce a mandatory amortization scheme  Read the article here
  8. April 2015, SNS Seminar, Do Consumers need Protections? “Behöver låntagarna skyddas?.” Listen to the seminar, panel and discussions here
  9. May 2015Swedish Radio, Sveriges Radio: EKOT, an interview with a commentary on debt reconstruction and long term indebtness in Sweden. Listen to the radio program here
  10. Jan 2015, SNS, Konjunktur rapport 2015, “Den Svenska Skulden” The Swedish Debt. Listen to radio coverage of our presentation and discussion by the Minister of Finance here.

All links to media coverage of our ’konjunktur’ rapport 2015:

1. National newspaper: Dagens Nyheter 2015-03-13: Carl Johan von Seth: Nu krävs det en minister
2. National newspaper: Dagens Nyheter 2015-01-16: Johan Schück: En bostadskrasch kan liknas vid ett kärnkraftshaveri
3. National newspaper Dagens Nyheter 2015-01-16: Dela den svenska skuldbördan
4. Economic Blogg: Ekonomistas 2015-01-16: Den svenska skulden
5. National newspaper: Expressen 2015-01-15: Per Bolund vågar inte röra avdragen själv
6. National newspaper Dagens Industri 2015-01-15: SNS: Skulderna inget hot mot ekonomin
7. National newspaper Dagens Nyheter 2015-01-15: “Robust ekonomi viktigare än låga hushållsskulder”