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1. ”The Labor Market Effects of Credit Market Information”,Review of Financial Studies, June 2018, 31(6), 2005-2037 Editor’s Choice.
Coauthors: Marieke Bos and Emily Breza
Abstract | Working Paper version


1. “Impulsive Consumption and Financial Wellbeing: Evidence from an Increase in the Availability of Alcohol” joined with  Itzhak Ben-David, The Ohio State University.
Abstract | Working Paper version (download here) (Revision requested RFS)

2. “Bad Times, Good Credit”, joined with Bo Becker, Stockholm School of Economics and Kasper Roszbach, Sveriges Riksbank.
Abstract | Working Paper version (download here) New version May 2018 (Submitted)

3. Economic Scarcity and Consumers’ Credit Choice”, joined with Chloe le Coq, SITE, Stockholm School of Economics and Peter van SantenSveriges Riksbank.
Abstract | Working Paper version(download hereNew version August 2018 (Submitted)

4. ”Financial Distress and Suicide over the Lifecycle for Individuals with ADHD:
A Population Study”, joined with Theodore P. Beauchaine and Itzhak Ben-David. (Submitted Aug 2018)

5. “Should Defaults Be Forgotten? Evidence from Variation in Removal of Negative Consumer Credit Information”, joined with Leonard Nakamura, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.
Abstract | Working Paper version (download here)  New version 

6. “Relative Income, Indebtedness and Defaults: An Empirical Characterisation , joined with Mats Levander, Sveriges Riksbank and Erik von Schedvin, Sveriges Riksbank.
Abstract | Working Paper version (download here)   

7. ”Impact of a Decrease on Credit Bureaus’ Memory on the Behavior of Borrowers and Lenders”. joined with Paola Morales Bank of Colombia, and Kasper Roszbach  Norges Bank
Abstract | Working Paper version (download here)


1.”Mental and Financial Health”, joined with Andrew Hertzberg and Andres Liberman (working paper soon)

2. ”Are You More than your Credit Score?” joined with Emily Breza and Andres Liberman


1. “Balancing Act: New Evidence and a Discussion of the Theory on the Rationality and Behavioral Anomalies of Choice in Credit Markets,” joined with Susan Payne Carter and Paige Marta Skiba . In Research Handbook in Behavioral Law and Economics, eds., Joshua C. Teitelbaum and Kathryn Zeiler. London, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018. ISBN: 978 1 84980 567 4 (Order here)

2. ”Rationality in the Consumer Credit Market: Choosing between Alternative and Mainstream Credit”, joined with Sumit Agarwal. In Mandel and Haughwout – Handbook of U.S. Consumer Economics (Work in Progress)

Archived Working Papers

1. “The Pawn Industry and Its Customers: The United States and Europe”, joined with Susan P. Carter, West-Point and Paige M. Skiba, Van der Bilt University.  (download here)